Consume Actions

Consume Actions are guaranteed to happen and consume a number of Action Dice from your offensive dice pool to complete. These actions are guaranteed except in special cases where something is preventing you from doing it. Actions from this list that cost 0 AD are considered to be free and can be done any number of times during your turn.

Kneel Down – 0 AD – Free Action. Kneel down. Can kneel behind a barrier for additional protection. Whilst kneeling, you gain -1DD for firearm attacks but +2DD on defensive contests against a melee attack.

Go Prone – 0 AD – Free Action. Drop prone onto the ground and lay flat. Whilst prone, you gain -3DD for firearm attacks, but +6DD on defensive contests against a melee attack.

Drop Item – 0 AD – Free Action. Drop a held item onto the ground underneath you.
Talk – 0 AD – Free Action. Talk, communicate or confer information. Can occur outside of a turn.

Deactivate/Activate Beast Trigger – 0 AD – Grip Core Only. Activate or Deactivate your Beast Trigger. Beast Triggers confer additional guaranteed elemental successes to your attack. When attacking with a Beast Trigger active, the successes conferred are subtracted first before your Action Dice contributed towards the attack. Deactivating a Beast Trigger will consume the rest of the attacks in that usage.

Stand up from kneel – 1 AD – Consume 1 Action Die to stand up from a kneeling position.

Drink/Eat/Consume Item – 1 AD – Consume 1 Action Die to consume or use an item that is being held.

Switch – 1 AD – Consume 1 Action Die to switch between weapon templates. Hybrid Cores can use this action for free.

Sheathe/Unsheathe – 1 AD – Consume 1 Action Die to sheathe or unsheathe your weapon
Kick – 1 AD – Consume 1 Action Die to kick an object. Small objects can be kicked up to 5 (2) metres (hexes) away.

Self-Phial – 1 AD – Receiver Core Only Consume 1 Action Dice to fire your phial at yourself. Must have a phial loaded on your weapon.

Movement – 2 AD – Consume 2 Action Dice to move up to your maximum movement. Unencumbered maximum movement is 10 metres, or 5 hexes. If the character stops, the rest of their movement is consumed.

Jump – 2 AD – Consume 2 Action Dice to Jump or Vault over a low obstacle less than 1 meter in height, or down from a taller height. For every additional metre, this costs an additional 2 Action Dice to jump over it. This can be combined with a movement action to continue moving past an object.

Stand up from prone – 2 AD – Consume 2 Action Dice to stand up from prone.

Load/Reload – 2 AD – Consume 2 Action Dice to load or reload a weapon. When reloading a weapon, you must roll your ammunition die associated with the ammo you are loading. If the result is a 1 or a 2, the die degrades 1 size. The ammunition dice degrades as follows: d20 → d12 → d10 → d8 → d6 → d4. If you reload with a d4 and roll a 1 or a 2, you no longer have any ammunition. Regardless of the ammunition die result, you successfully reload. The same rules apply for loading a weapon.

Load Phial – 2 AD – Receiver Core Only. Consume 2 Action Dice to load or reload a phial into your weapon. Only a single bullet phial can be loaded into the weapon at any time, and they occupy a separate chamber. You can store a single bullet phial in the special chamber at any time. Bullet Phials can be fired using the “Shoot Phial” contest action.

Retrieve Item – 2 AD – Consume 2 Action Dice to retrieve an item that you are carrying. You must have a free hand to retrieve the item.

Deploy Trap/Explosive/Bait – 6 AD – Consume 6 Action Dice to deploy and set up a trap or explosive. You must have the item in your hand, and have a free hand available. Deploying a trap can be done over multiple turns, and others can assist to total up to the 6 AD cost. For example, after you have partially deployed a trap with 3 AD, an ally can help deploy the rest for 3 AD.

Database Lookup – 18 AD – Consume 18 Action Dice to scan a Beast and lookup information on a database. This can be done over several turns. Requires both hands. For example, the first turn can spend 9 AD to lookup, with the second turn spending another 9 AD. After lookup, a d100 is rolled and the result compared to the lookup table.

Consume Actions

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