Receiver Cores

Receiver cores are primarily the receiver of a particular firearm. The receiver can switch between various different types of barrels and ammo feed that the firearm uses.

Receiver cores can have two different types of setup. Varied Setup includes 2 different firearm templates and 2 types of ammunition for each template. Focus Setup involves a single firearm template but 5 different types of ammunition for each template. Both setups allow for the use of Bullet Phials as well. Bullet Phials do not take up an ammunition type.

Bullet Phials are specialty rounds which are loaded in a separate section of the receiver compared to the other types of ammunition. Bullet Phials are constructed out of a cartridge with propellant, except the slug or bullet portion of the round is replaced by a glass phial containing a specialty concoction that can release a whole host of status effects on both allies and enemies.

Bullet Phials do not have Grades, and but instead have set effects. There are six different types of Phials that can be found. Poison Phials contain weakening poison and causes the target to become fatigued. Tranquiliser Phials contain a tranquilising solution and causes the target to become sleepy. Paralysis Phials contain curare and causes the target to struggle to move. Recovery Phials contain a concoction of stimulants and causes the target to become more energetic. Drive Phials fire a concoction of performance enhancers and causes the target to have perform better. Anodyne Phials contain painkillers and causes the target to absorb shock more easily.

Only a single Bullet Phial can be loaded at any time, while others are kept in storage. They are covered with a strong protective shell before they are fired which prevents them from breaking. Bullet phials activate their effect as long as there is 1 net success on a contest.


Causes ‘Poisoned’ – Target takes 2 resolve damage every round. Every round, the target rolls a d100. They have a 10% resisting, and a 10% cumulative chance to recover on consecutive rounds. [Round 1: 10%, Round 2: 20%]


Causes ‘Paralysed’ – Target rolls a d100 and has a 30% chance of being paralysed. When paralysed, they are unable to act. They have a cumulative 20% chance of recovering on consecutive rounds. [Round 1: 30%, Round 2:50%]


Causes ‘Drowsy’ – Target becomes drowsy. On the next round they roll a d100, and has a 50% chance of falling asleep. For every consecutive round, they have a cumulative 10% chance of falling asleep. [Round 1: 50%, Round 2: 60%]. Being damaged removes the drowsy condition. When asleep, the target takes three times as much damage on the first attack that hits them.


Causes ‘Energised’ – Target gains 4 Temporary Resolve. This temporary resolve is depleted before their otherwise normal resolve. Drive Phials can repeatedly stack on the same target.


Causes ‘Enhanced’ – Target gains 6 Action Dice starting on the next round and lasting for a total of two rounds.


Causes ‘Resistant’ – Target is cleansed of all blight effects and they gain immunity to blight effects starting on this round for the next 3 rounds for a total of 4 rounds.

Receiver Cores

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