Abilities can be acquired during character creation, and at later points throughout a Hunter’s experience. Abilities essentially dictate special actions that Hunters can use at crucial times. For every Ability listed, there are four essential pieces of information. The first is the ability’s name. The second is the ability’s description. The third is the pressure cost of the ability. The fourth is the special requirements of the ability.

Generally, abilities are divided into two broad sections. General abilities can be acquired by all Hunters throughout their career, while style abilities can only be acquired by members from certain houses. Style abilities are not listed, and instead a guideline is placed for creating custom style abilities. More information is given in the Style Abilities section.

General Abilities List

Style Abilities

Style abilities are not listed here, but instead a guideline is provided for creating your own. Follow the guidelines to create a custom style ability. Then submit it for approval with your GM and any further discussion results in the final style ability. The GM retains any right to future changes to the style ability, but if changed, you can instead decide on a different general ability, or to create an entirely new one. Submitted style abilities will be written in this section as examples.

Style Guidelines

1. Style abilities cannot have the same effect as General abilities. They must have different ones.

2. The general cost outline is 2-5 for a utility benefit, 7-15 for a special attack or major utility benefit and 15-20 for a powerful benefit or attack.

3. Style abilities have a particular flavour that exhibits attributes on your House Style. If you do not belong to a House, your first ability generally dictates following ones.

4. Style abilities can be used to combine multiple actions together, or perhaps can inflict conditions on enemies.

Style Abilities


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