A Hunter’s Armaments is defined by their background. Looking at what a character has in Part 1 and Part 2, they can start to build their Armaments.


Pick either a Grip Core, a Hybrid Core or a Receiver Core. Refer to Upbringing to see what grade you receive. Pick one:

Grip Cores gain a Beast Trigger Grade F, and three melee weapon templates.

Hybrid Cores gain one melee weapon template and one ranged weapon template and two types of ammunition.

Receiver Cores gain (1) two firearm templates and two choices of ammunition for each template or (2) one firearm template and five choices of ammunition.

Weapon Descriptions

After choosing the weapon statistics, describe where the source of the weapon is from, how the weapon is made and the particular design and appearance of the weapon. Remember to include how it functions and how it is properly operated. Sketch it if you wish.


Hunters all start off with Grade F or Interim Armour. They can choose from Skirmisher, Voyager or Bunker. Pick one:

Gain Skirmisher Armour Grade F
Gain Voyager Armour Grade F
Gain Bunker Armour Grade F

Armour Descriptions

After choosing the armour that you want, describe the armour that your Hunter wears. Remember the limitations and general composition of each armour type!


You can now buy an array of equipment for your Hunter. Keep in mind the costs and weight of the equipment involved.


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