Each Hunter has a background that defines who they are. In this section, you will be creating your Hunter’s background. The background entails who they are as a person and how they came to be. Various elements such as their Heritage, Parents, where they live, and more are defined in this part. In Part 2, we will explore the Hunter you have created as they grew up, and what kind of life they lived. In Part 3, we will explore the starting armaments that your Hunter has, building up the weapons and armour that will service them.

In all three parts, a resource is used to build their background. This is known as reputation. Reputation is a pool of points that can be spent in various areas which define them. All players have 50 reputation points to assign. Reputation is a measure of a Hunter through their past. A player playing a Hunter with great heritage may choose to spend their reputation in Hunter Heritage. A player playing a Hunter with a more humble heritage may chooses to withhold their reputation and instead spend them in skills. Regardless, reputation defines the starting point of the character.


You can choose either between the Human and the Zweir race. Humans represent 85% of all people, while Zweir represent only 15%. Their cultures are wildly different from each other. Neither of these cost any reputation points, but can influence choices you make further on.

Humans have a culture and nature that regards legacy as one of the most important values. Humans make up a broad span of Erdent, but many aspire to become greater than where they were at Birth. Humans are not predisposed towards any sort of inclination and can fit in any social strata.

Zweir have a culture and nature of exploration as one of their most important values. Zweir are the minority race, and wish to know more about the world itself rather than be cooped up in a single place their entire life. Zweir are predisposed towards lower heritage and social strata. Finding those with a Hunter Heritage is actually not uncommon, but to be of a higher social strata is often rare.

Home Haven

A character’s Home Haven describes where they grew up. If they are a native family, they are typically of the same description as those who live in that region. While where a character is from is inconsequential in terms of reputation, it can influence their lifestyle, skills and education as they grew up and the type of culture they are exposed to. Characters can also choose from which area they are from. Most live in the metropolitan area, but some can live in the inner area where it is reasonably safe. Almost no people live in the outer area. Refer to the Haven descriptions to find out where a suitable living area is.


A character’s age in the current time can range from 16-20. Being older does not provide any statistical benefits, but even though there is a 4 year gap, they may act distinctively more mature and different to those of a naïve younger age. Older characters tend to be more able, are stronger and wiser, but younger characters can come up with creative solutions and are more flexible.


Wealth is the level of wealth that your character, and their family owns. Wealth encompasses both intergenerational and intragenerational wealth pertaining to the character’s parents. The more wealth a character possesses, the greater the reputation cost. These are indication of the overall living family’s wealth and income status.

Gentry – Gentry refers to ‘old money’ or a person who has inherited intergenerational wealth. This means that the character’s parents and many generations back have all been wealthy, inheriting wealth from prior generations and then growing it. Those that belong to the Gentry are typically Merchants, Artisans, Hunters or Governors. Gentry start with 10,000 Merciles. Gentry’ costs 14 reputation.

Nouveau Riche – Nouveau Riche refers to those whose parents have earned intragenerational wealth and have experienced upwards mobility through the social strata. It refers to ‘new money’ and often do not mesh with the Gentry well. Characters which belong in this category tend to have wealth, but not to the extent of Gentry. Those who belong to the Nouveau Riche are typically Merchants, Artisans, Hunters or Governors. Nouveau Riche start with 3,000 Merciles. Nouveau Riche costs 9 reputation.

Bourgeoisie – Bourgeoisie refers to the middle class, or those whose parents have earned income throughout their lifetime and are saving it, but have not achieved great wealth that the Nouveau Riche do. Characters from this strata tend to life comfortably, and have money to spend but often do need to consider costs. Those that belong to this category are typically Hunters, Merchants or Skilled Workers. Bourgeoisie start with 1,000 Merciles. Bourgeoisie costs 6 reputation.

Proletarius – Proletarius refers to the lower class, or those whose parents have income throughout their life, but have not achieved wealth. Characters from this strata tend to be satisfied, but do not live comfortably by any means. They can pay for their needs but often cannot afford expensive goods. Those that belong to this category are typically Skilled Workers and Unskilled Workers. Proletarius start with 200 Merciles. Proletarius costs 3 reputation.

Destitute – Destitute refers to those who live at the very base of society, and who have no parents or have parents that cannot find employment or have poor waves. Characters from this strata tend to lack necessities and struggle through life on a day to day basis. Those that belong to this category are typically unemployed or Unskilled Workers. Destitute start with 10 Merciles. Destitute costs 0 Reputation.

Hunter Heritage

Hunter Heritage affects many different aspects of the character including what type of education they receive, what house they attend if any, and whether they inherit anything from the past generation. Hunter Heritage only exists if there is an unbroken line tracing back to the original ancestor. If a generation does not Hunt, they are considered to have no Heritage as the remnants of Hunter culture are lost to them.

Ancient – Ancient Families are those which have existed since the Old World. Hunters that are born into these families carry high expectations, expecting their children to eventually become Legendary Hunters themselves. There are only 8 generally recognised Ancient Families. The Original Four: Caimme, Yorles, Vethra and Resmun. And the other four are: Eklund, Kaase, Kallgard and Maes. Ancient Families only attend Closed Houses. Ancient start with a Grade C Core. Ancient costs 20 reputation.

High Distinguished – High Distinguished are Hunter families which have had a lineage tracing back to the beginnings of the New World. These are more common than the Ancient Families, with there being over 80 High Distinguished Families, it is impossible to list them all. High Distinguished have great expectations of their children, but not nearly to the same degree as Ancient Families. High Distinguished attend a mix of Closed and Open Houses, but tend towards Closed. High Distinguished start with a Grade D Core. High Distinguished costs 12 reputation.

Low Distinguished – Low Distinguished are Hunter families which have had a lineage of at least 1 generation up to around 10. These make up the majority of Hunter families and there are hundreds of names which belong here. Low Distinguished generally may or may not have expectations of their children depending on their beliefs. Low Distinguished attend a mix of Closed and Open Houses, but tend towards Open. Low Distinguished start with a Grade E Core. Low reputation costs 8 reputation.

Newcomer/None – Newcomers are those who do not have a Hunter Heritage. Their parents usually do not express any expectations of their children. Newcomers are not any worse, but they are also not expected by other Hunters to achieve much. Newcomers either attend Open Houses or do not attend. Newcomers start with a Grade F Core. Newcomers’ costs 0 reputation.


A Hunter’s heritage defines their surname, which is often argued over when two Hunter families raise a child. Surnames and names can have great variations. Given names and surnames of Humans are inspired by Western and Northern Europe, and the Mediterranean. Given names and surnames of Zweir are inspired by the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia.


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