Combat Encounters

In a combat encounter, a Hunter’s physical prowess, tactical experience and strategic knowledge are tested to ultimately resolve what can possibly be a life or death scenario. Combat Encounters are frequent in the Outlands when the Hunters fight Beasts, but can occur during other situations where they are fighting other Hunters, Poachers or even civilians. In a combat encounter, a Hunter must juggle their resources as well as plan with their allies in order to succeed.

Rounds and Turns

Combat encounters are divided into rounds which are further divided into turns.
A round is defined as the time it takes for everyone that is in the encounter to take their turn. A round lasts for 30 seconds in the game, but in real life can last as much time as necessary. A round starts when the first entity starts their turn, and ends when the last entity finishes their turn. Combat encounters can last for any number of rounds, but typically encounters will run in the order of 10 minutes of game time, or 20 rounds. Combat can be extremely quick and dangerous, with swift decisions made in the span of seconds that end an encounter in less than a minute, or be a process of attrition that takes many rounds to finish.

A turn starts when an entity gains free control and ends when they gain free control. During an entity’s turn, they are free to choose from many options what they wish to do. When it is an entity’s turn, they are described as being on the offensive, as during their turn, they are usually making attacks against the enemy.

When it is not an entity’s turn, they do not act unless they are prompted to react to an action against them. During this time, the entity is considered to be on the defensive, and they have limited actions, which only trigger if they are being contested by an ally or enemy target.

Combat Resources
Combat Begins!
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Combat Encounters

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