Downtime is important for every Hunter as it allows them to take a break, relax, and recover from their injuries. Downtime occurs when a Hunter is in a Haven where they are not under the threat of a Beast attack. Hunters usually take downtime when they are not under a contract, but some contracts will allow for downtime such as Hunt contracts which require Hunters to research information.

Downtime is usually an extended period of time, ranging from a few days, to weeks and even months for some Hunters. Downtime cannot occur when Hunters are under risk of attacks, especially in the Outlands or in some Haven areas where the beast presence is high enough to present a danger. Regardless, Hunters still require sleep during extended periods of excursion but it is not considered as downtime.

In a Hunter’s downtime, the exact length is not pre-determined and all downtimes are ‘worth’ the same. That is, the amount of events that a Hunter can do within 3 days of downtime is the same as 3 months of downtime. Each Hunter may require different amounts of downtime, and the resources and events that they participate may be harder or easier to find. As such, the Hunter’s downtime is abstracted in the form of Time Dice.

Time Dice

Time Dice is a representative measure of how much time a Hunter can do something during their Downtime. When all of their Time Dice have been consumed, their downtime has been completely used up. No more productive activities can be spent after this period and a Hunter cannot take a ‘second downtime.’ If a Hunter has a single downtime, and consumes their time dice, and they take a second downtime, both downtimes are considered to be 1 large one, and their Time Dice are representative of the entire period.

Each player gets the same amount of Time Dice in which they can use to spend on various activities. Some activities are free, while others may take different amounts of time depending on the GM’s discretion. Time Dice are used to fairly allocate the amount of time that Hunters can spend, and limit the amount of time they have on activities.



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