Hunters often spend weeks at a time in the Outlands and while out there they must have what they require because travelling back to civilisation will often take days to weeks of trekking through difficult terrain. Because of this, Hunters often pack weeks’ worth of supplies that they require. Equipment is additional consumable resources and tools that Hunters can purchase around the world. They range from permanent items to consumables. In the equipment section, additional items like services and crafting costs are also given but these cannot be so easily obtained.

Equipment is bought with Merciles, the currency of Erdent. The smallest denominations of Merciles are coins which come in 1, 2, 5 and 10. Larger denominations of Merciles are in notes of 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. Merciles are the main currency, but some places use alternative currency such as precious gems and gold. Hunters can store their Merciles on their Hunter Card and present it as a method of paying. The Guild will track the amount of money on their Hunter Card. Money cannot be spent if they do not have it. To give an idea of the worth of Merciles, the average gross income is provided for the different classes.

Almost all employed citizens work the same amount of hours per day, around 8 to 12 hours. Exceptions are noted for each job. Values given here are typical of the population, with some members earning more or less depending on individual circumstances. Typically, unskilled workers will earn anywhere from 20,000 to 45,000 Merciles per year depending on their particular skillset. This usually encompasses a large base of experiences but with little expertise. Skilled workers have the opportunity to make significantly more, from 50,000 Merciles to 113,000 Merciles per year. Skilled workers will have a valuable base of expertise skills which place them in a good position for work opportunities.

Artisans almost always earn more than skilled workers due to their rare skills, typically earning from 92000 to 189,000 Merciles per year. However, this is not truly indicative of the whole Artisan and Craftsmen workforce. Inexperienced artisans with little training will earn around 54,000 per year as they go through training, while those with around 5 decades or more of knowledge will usually earn significantly more than the average, up to 567,000 Merciles. These are usually Artisans with many generations of knowledge and are extremely skilled.

Governors typically earn more than the general population, owing to their long 18 working hour day and particular expertise in management skills. They typically earn from 227,000 to 340,000 Merciles per year. Most governors earn in the average amount depending on their locale, but there are some cases where governors will earn significantly more but many choose not to disclose their personal information.

Merchants encompass small stall retailers to wholesalers to large business owners. Merchant is a broad term that encompasses a person who sells a good or service to the public that they do not produce. Small retailers will ordinarily earn around 30,000 Merciles per year, while large business owners can earn money exceeding 616,000 Merciles per year.

Hunters range widely in terms how much money they earn per year. Provisional Hunters vary very widely. Starting off, Provisional Hunters with no contracts earn sparse amounts, usually under 5,000 Merciles, but this quickly picks up. Towards the end of their training, they would have typically earned 38,000 Merciles in their last year. As soon as a Hunter becomes qualified, they earn much more. Low Ranking Hunters can earn from 113,000 Merciles to 252,000 Merciles per year.

From this point, the amount of money Hunters earn grows very quickly, however moving to higher ranks is exponentially more difficult. High Ranking Hunters earn from 227,000 to 403,000 Merciles per year, Master Ranking Hunters earn from 340,000 to 554,000 Merciles per year, Grandmaster Hunters earn 416,000 to 655,000 Merciles per year and Legendary Hunters earn 794,000 to 1,134,000 Merciles per year.

Hunters earn spectacularly more than other professions simply due to the level of risk that they endure. Much of the increase in payment is related to increase in risky contracts, with even a team of 6 trained guardsman being unable to take on a Beast that a High Ranking Hunter can expect a moderate challenge from. In addition, Hunters work ‘full time,’ and are considered working for all 24 hours in a day while on contract which shows their nominal income per hour to be much higher than other professions.

A Hunter can hold up to 40kg of equipment without penalty. For every 20kg of equipment above this, they gain 1 Action Dice Penalty. A Hunter starts off with several pieces of free equipment. They gain a free backpack, bandolier and tool belt, Carving Knife and pouch, a Bottle and a Tent. Those who have firearm templates gain an Ammo Satchel.
Items listed as N/A have negligible weight.

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