Hunter and Guild

While Hunters had existed in the Old World for many years before the Guild’s conception, the modern idea of the Hunter did not come into being until the Guild had formed. Prior to that, Hunters were simply people who defended their Havens against Beasts, and this didn’t have any particular requirement to it other than a person’s role in society – much like a farmer or a baker. As the Guild was created, Hunters began to take on a more unique role with their sole occupation being the Hunting of Beasts. And from this came the universal philosophy found in Guild sites around the world: “Protect. Defend. Hunt.”

In the modern era of Erdent, the Guild has expanded to become a powerful union of Hunters, and is often described as a miniature government which only has power over its Hunters. However, this is not strictly true. The Guild and the Guild Director have some say in the Havens, particularly in regards to defensive measures and deciding Haven boundaries between Metropolitan, Inner and Greater areas. The main reason for this is the Guild’s sole responsibility in defending these Havens. Otherwise, the Guild is treated as a separate, self-sufficient entity.

The Guild has changed its connection to the Hunters. Originally, it was simply a union of like-minded Hunters. It competed with other ‘Guilds’ of its day, but ultimately the spread of the Guild was its universal philosophy allowing people from each Haven to follow their own personal beliefs while contributing to the Guild as a whole. Today, the Guild exists as a separate entity of the Hunters and refers to the support and auxiliary staff that provide the services that bridge Hunter and civilian together. Such services are discussed in the later subsection titled contracts.

The Hunters themselves had evolved in terms of what it meant to be one. Techniques used to fight Beasts had improved dramatically through generations, significantly lowering the risk and deaths associated with being a Hunter. However, the main issue was that Hunter recruits were bound by lineage meaning Hunters were scarce. The creation of the Hunting House system alleviated this, spreading techniques to young Hunters. The conception of Castle Vallistra reduced the spread of Hunters, but instead bore more proficient, trained and skilled Hunters into the field, further reducing deaths.

It is impossible to separate the Guild and Hunter from society, as they are deeply ingrained and integrated into society itself. This section describes Hunters, the Guild and their relation to the world at large.

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Hunter and Guild

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