Vallistra is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a fictional, fantastical world known as Erdent. In Erdent, the people of the world live in cities known as Havens, which are territories claimed by Humans. Elsewhere, permeating the world are the Outlands, where dangerous and ferocious Beasts – terrifying monsters of great power – live.

Vallistra revolves around the Game Master (GM) and the Players. The Game Master hosts the game, creating background details and inserting interesting events into the world. The players are the ones who write and drive the story, ultimately crafting their own fates and legends.

Erdent is very different from our own world. On Earth, we live in the information age brought on by technological revolution and ultimately globalisation, connecting the world together in ways that were previously unthought of. Erdent can be described, in a way, a melding of past, present and possible future ages of Earth.

In the past, we lived as hunters and gatherers, taking resources directly from the mysterious and dangerous world. Erdent is similar to this in a way. Hunters are trained and experienced masters of hunting, trained to perfection to hunt dangerous beasts throughout the world for many different reasons.

In the present, society is connected in thousands of ways, bonding each person with the rest of the world. Erdent is also similar to this. While Havens are disconnected from each other, there are often many methods of communication and transport that make it simple for almost every person to travel from Haven to Haven, experiencing the world for themselves.

In the future, we might have solved the fossil fuel problem once and for all, using nuclear fission or even cold fusion technology to solve our energy crisis. Erdent has already solved its energy problem with the discovery of phora – a miracle substance found almost everywhere that can be harnessed for large amounts of energy powering the entire world without issue.

As you can see, it is difficult to place Erdent in a single time period that can be compared to Earth. It has both dangerous unexplored environments, modern metropolitan areas where people live in millions, and spectacular technology that we have not conceived of yet.
The game revolves around the players who act through their characters in the world of Erdent. These characters are known as Hunters – professional trained beast hunters who venture out into the dangerous Outlands. Hunters can be motivated by a variety of personal reasons. More often than not, it is for personal wealth and glory as being a Hunter can be an opportunity to rise through the world. For others, it may be fame, family obligations, perhaps even for the adventure. Hunters are bonded together by their way of life.

Players will experience a variety of combat and non-combat encounters throughout the game, using the skills of the Hunters to complete these activities. In non-combat encounters, players must combine their wit to match their Hunter’s skillset with a situation, making arguments for the application of their experience and expertise to complete challenges. In combat encounters, players must manage their Hunter’s resources and take risks in order to beat enemy combatants.


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