Introduction to Erdent

In the world of Vallistra, you, the player, embody a Hunter who lives in the world of Erdent. Through reading the rest of the book, you would have had an idea of the life of a Hunter and the world around them. Though, while Hunters only encompass .1% of the world, the number of Hunters in the world is quite a lot. With 10,000,000 in all of Erdent, Hunters comprise roughly 10,000 of them. The population rarely grows in size, with many new Hunters succumbing to the fatal dangers of being a Hunter. While the death statistic is not quite as bad as it was in the Old World, about one in ten unexperienced Hunters still suffer life threatening injuries or death.

Character creation goes through the process of the Hunter themselves starting from their Birth and who they were born as. It continues on throughout their life, picking up various education, skills and traits as they become older. Finally, character creation ends as it leads up to the current day. It looks at where they are now, what their Hunter prospects are, and ultimately what they will become.

To provide context as to the world in which our new Hunters are born into, the next chapter provides information that highlights the events in the world, and what will concern them. The world is a dangerous place – Beasts are not the sole danger in Erdent. In many cases, Humans and Zweir themselves are greater enemies to themselves than those primal creatures.

The World of Vallistra

The current date is 1.1.1641, the First Day of the First Mes Cycle in the Year Sixteen Forty-One. While it is the New Year and celebrations amongst all have reached a peak, the rigorous Registration Fair has just started, and will end in 27 days. Every year, Master Hunters venture around the world in search of prospective students who will become Provisional Hunters at the Castle Vallistra Academy of Hunters. There are only a certain number of students allowed each year, and these Master Hunters must only pick the most suitable of candidates. Each Master Hunter looks for a wide variety of skill, ambition and potential in a student and if one sparks their eye, they will receive the exclusive invitation to study at Castle Vallistra. To do this, they set up the Registration Fair.

Registration Fairs are found in every single Haven with multiple set up around in Metropolitan areas and some set up in Inner areas if they are deemed safe enough. Registration Fairs last for a month and multiple Masters are responsible for a single fair. They have very few invitations to give, and only the most able students in each Fair will receive an invitation. Many try out for multiple years until they get one, building proficiency every year.

The Fair has a large variety of different exhibits, each one allowing for different students to shine. While some exhibit difficult mental tasks, others will require a feat of dexterity. Alongside those are the battle tests, where students show off their combative ability. While some students may shine in one aspect and falter in others, these Master Hunters are seeking multiple qualities that aren’t simply shown by just their performances. Each one has their own criteria that they follow.

You, the Hunter, have arrived at your Registration Fair of your choice and have been handed a copy of Erdent Daily.

Introduction to Erdent

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