Erdent should not be thought of as a homogenous region, but rather a collection of different nations within the same continent. Often, both the continent on which all known Havens are located on, and the planet are called Erdent. To the people, there is no real distinction between the two. Havens are large nation-cities which comprise of a single large metropolis at its centre, surrounded by a collection of small cities known as the Inner Haven and fuzzy border between the Haven and the Outlands known as the Greater Haven. Almost everyone lives within Havens, with some rare individuals living in the Outlands, but most do not live long.

Both Havens and Outlands exist in different landscapes and biomes. Most Havens are located around areas with primary resources, or ground where it is suitable to sustain a population. Most Havens have a degree of self-sustainability, producing food through farming or occasionally from the environment around them. The Outlands are not a single biome but rather a blanket term for areas which are not in the Havens, and contains Beasts.

An additional element of Havens is the Beast Presence. This is a rating from 0 being absolutely none, to 10 being extremely dense. Beast Presence is used to describe the density of the Beasts in the area and how dangerous they are. While all Metropolitan areas have a Beast Presence of 0, this may increase from the inner area to the greater area.

Beast Presence is a value that is decided ultimately by the Guild This is a rating evaluated by the Guild that determines how often Beasts are Encountered and how dangerous the Beasts are in this region. Typically, the less Human development in an area, the greater the Beast Presence but this does not always hold true. All Metropolitan areas have a Beast Presence of 0, and may increase towards the Inner and Greater areas. Generally, Beast Presence in the regions outside Havens will be increasingly higher the further away from the Haven the region is.

In the descriptions of each Haven, the following details are included:

Haven Name

Population Breakdown: Total population size, and ratio of Humans to Zweir
Government System: The government system of the region.
Beast Presence: 0-10 rating of density and danger

Additional details will be given including: The biome and climate of the Havens, descriptions of the metropolitan, inner and greater areas, the history and culture defining the area, and information about its government system.


Population Breakdown: 5,000,000 (80% Human, 20% Zweir)
Government System: Republic – White Council
Beast Presence: 0 (Metropolitan), 0 (Inner), 1 (Greater)

Faur Cove

Population Breakdown: 1,500,000 (90% Human, 10% Zweir)
Government System: Democratic Republic – Chieftess Lorna Tevershall
Beast Presence: 0 (Metropolitan), 0 (Inner), 4 (Greater)


Population breakdown: 1,000,000 (45% Human, 65% Zweir)
Government System: Absolute Monarchy – Sultan Emir Hud Asani
Beast Presence: 0 (Metropolitan), 2(Inner), 7(Greater)


Population Breakdown: 900,000 (70% Human, 30% Zweir)
Government System: Oligarchy – Ferdis Coordination Coalition
Beast Presence: 0 (Metropolitan), 2 (Inner), 7 (Greater)


Population Breakdown: 1,200,000 (82% Human, 13% Zweir)
Government System: Democracy – President Sinchi Amaru
Beast Presence: 0 (Metropolitan), 0 (Inner), 7 (Greater)


Population Breakdown: 300,000 (97% Human, 3% Zweir)
Government System: Monarchy – Queen Anabella
Beast Presence: 0 (Metropolitan), 5 (Inner), 9 (Greater)

Kol Islands and the Kolles Islets

Population Breakdown: N/A
Government System: Guild Managed
Beast Presence: 10

Castle Vallistra

Population Breakdown: 100,000 (Varies Wildly)
Government System: Legendary Hunter Elected Guild Director – Solus Kairis
Beast Presence: 0, (0), and (1)


Vallistra rainbowrea