Setting and Society

The following section describes the bulk of the setting in the universe, giving context to various elements within the world of Erdent and how they interact with each other. Reading about the setting will give you a better clue as to how to build your character as well as the interactions between different Havens and people in the New World. While you can skip this section entirely, it is best to give a quick read through to understand all of the key concepts of society as a whole to comprehend Vallistra.


From the ashes of the Old World, we build ourselves anew.

Erdent is the name of the entire world in which Vallistra takes place on. It is a planet quite a bit smaller than our own with weaker gravity and a denser atmosphere. It orbits around a yellow star, named Sol. Orbiting Erdent are two moons: the greater Mes and the lesser Lua. With a hand raised to the sky, Mes is the size of a fist, and Lua the size of a thumb. It takes 24 hours for Erdent to rotate around its axis, and 280 days for Erdent to orbit Sol.

Time in Erdent is similar but distinct from Earth. Months are tracked like lunar months – Mes completes 10 orbits of Erdent in a year. And it takes 28 days for Mes to complete an orbit. This means that in a year, there are 280 days, and 10 months – known as cycles. Lua orbits much slower, taking an entire year to orbit Erdent. As such, the calendar date can be deduced from the Lua Cycle and the Mes Cycle. The current date on Erdent is 1.1.1641 – The first day of the First Mes Cycle, Year 1641

While Erdent is much smaller than our own Earth, the people that inhabit it have not circumnavigated the world despite advanced technology. As mentioned before, the world consists of two domains. The domain of the Humans known as the Havens, and the domain of the Beasts known as the Outlands. The Outlands are not a strictly defined area, but rather it is the antithesis of the Haven. Anywhere that is not a Haven, is the Outlands.

The Outlands themselves are not uniform either. As Humans have spread their Havens across the world, they have reduced Beast population and their severity in areas near where they live. As such, as Humans try to travel further and further away, they will find increasingly powerful and vicious Beasts, many perhaps unseen before.

On Erdent, there are 8 major Havens. Like the Outlands, the Havens themselves are not strictly allocated areas of safety, but rather the edges are fuzzy. As a person ventures from the centre of a Haven outwards, they will find increasingly dangerous areas. Eventually they will find themselves in the Outlands, but the border between the two is not clear and always shifts and moves as Hunters clear more Beasts or the Beasts grow tiresome and attack.

The Havens themselves should not be seen as cooperative states, but rather separate nations with different ideologies and political systems. The only uniting area is that they all support the Guild in one way or another, but the Guild does not control these Havens. A Haven itself can be thought to have three different areas.

The metropolitan areas are built up and have a great population density where there are no chances of seeing a Beast. People who live here tend not to consider them in their daily lives, but only seeing the products of Hunters.

The inner areas are less dense and more spread out, with small to large towns spread across the landscape connected by roads. These areas are often safe, but occasionally a curious Beast may wander close.

Further away, towns become more and more sparse, eventually the backdrop changes into destroyed buildings and abandoned land. This is the greater area, where occasionally adventurous people may live but more often than not it is a buffer zone between the inner and metropolitan areas of the Haven and the Outlands.

On occasion, some people may speak about Erdent as having two distinct time periods: The New World and The Old World. These are separated by a period of prolonged night known as the Long Dark. The Old World refers to the events taken place prior to the Long Dark, some mythical and some true, but many disputed. The New World refers to the time after the Long Dark had ended, and represents the resilience of Humanity.


Social Hierarchy

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Setting and Society

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