Part 2 describes a Hunter’s upbringing, which can be dependent on the attributes that they picked in the background. Reputation points are spent here to determine factors such as the Hunter House that the character belonged to, and other additional experience or expertise.

Hunter Houses/Hunter Styles

Hunter Houses vary in prestige and styles of fighting. Houses in this section are sorted by their particular prestige and influence in society. Each House has a name that is identical to their style. A House Style is the theme, technique and philosophy behind a particular House’s fighting style.

If you choose an option that does not have a particular named style, you can make it up yourself. Houses and Styles are typically one to three worlds, and embody the type of attacks that the Hunters are taught and employed in combat. Typically, Houses will have a subset of weapons that they require be used. For example, some Houses require the use of blunt weapons, while others will only accept those who train with receiver cores. Styles can be used to influence and flavour your attacking style in combat.

House Unity – Unity is the name of the Ancient House that includes all of the 8 Ancient Families. It is an extremely prestigious House that has perfected their technique over millennia, using a balance between attack and defence, strength and agility to power their attacks. House Unity employs a great deal of switching between the melee and firearm elements of their weapon, using momentum to great effectiveness. It is a Closed House that uses Hybrid Weapons and students who belong to this House learn to use Hybrid techniques extremely effectively. House Unity starts off with 4 Abilities, with at least 2 being General. You can only pick House Unity if you have Ancient Heritage. House Unity costs 16 Reputation.

Eminent House – Eminent House describes Closed and Open Houses that have achieved a great level of prestige. These Houses are often many centuries old and teach refined techniques that have been tried and tested throughout the years. Many retired Hunters of great ability teach at Eminent Houses to provide a great wealth of experience that students can learn from. Eminent Houses start off with 3 abilities, with at least 2 being General. Eminent House costs 12 Reputation

High House – High House describes Closed and Open Houses that have achieved a high level of prestige. These Houses are often close to a century old and teach a mixture between refined and experimental techniques. Students which come from High houses have great prospects and can achieve many great things. High Houses start off with 2 abilities, with at least 1 being General. High house costs 9 Reputation.

Low House – Low House describes mainly Open Houses (but some Closed Houses) that have achieved some prestige. These houses tend to be one or two generations old and teach experimental techniques. These Houses tend to be much more affordable for students and provide them with a decent understanding of Hunting. Low Houses start off 1 General ability. Low House costs 5 Reputation.

Unhoused – Some Hunters do not come from a House. Instead, through time, they develop their own style of fighting, eventually finding what suits them to create an entirely new style. They can then open houses to teach their techniques. Often those who come from this House are not particularly skilled in fighting, and lack effective strategy. Unhoused gain the Overexertion General Ability. Unhoused costs 0 Reputation.

Education and Skills

The remaining reputation that you have can be used to purchase skills that your character has. The conversion rate from reputation to skills is 1:1. For every reputation point, you gain an additional skill point in that category. The following table shows the cost to achieve a certain level of experience or expertise.


The remaining reputation that a Hunter has should be told to the GM. They will keep track of your reputation and it may have benefits and consequences later on in the campaign. Try to use as much of it as you can.


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