Weapon Parts - Cores and Templates

Weapons can have one of the three different types of cores: Grip Core, Receiver Core and Hybrid Core. Grip Cores have the unique feature Beast Trigger. Receiver Cores have the unique feature Bullet Phial. Hybrid Cores have the unique Momentum feature.

All cores come in various grades depending on the quality of their material and construction. The better the grade a particular core is, the better its materials and construction. Crudely refined metal can be of a worse grade than a particularly strong and dense wood. Successive improvements in core grades will gradually increase its responsiveness and handling to the user.

Higher grades of weapon cores provide increased Potential Dice during a Hunter’s turn. Potential dice reflect the weapon’s responsiveness, allowing the Hunter to effectively make actions that seem almost superhuman. Potential Dice can be rolled at the start of a new round to gain additional Action Dice for that turn only. Potential Dice refresh, or refill up to the maximum pool at the end of a combat encounter.


Different Cores will accommodate a different number of Melee Templates and Firearm Templates. Additionally, all types of cores can accept up to 3 Secondary Templates.

Grip Cores
Receiver Cores
Hybrid Cores

Weapon Templates

Weapon Templates are attached onto weapon cores and do the bulk of the work. There are two types of weapon templates: melee and firearm. These weapon templates dictate the overall function of the weapon rather than the form. Additionally, aesthetic secondary templates can also be attached to a weapon.

Melee Weapon Templates
Firearm Weapon Templates
Secondary Templates

Weapon Parts - Cores and Templates

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