Aboard the Cerulean

The first-year Provisional Hunters arrive at the East Wing Skyport One in the heart of the Montedorian metropolis on the seventh day of the second Cycle. Amongst the thousand new recruits are the hundreds of support staff who will be travelling with them back to Castle Vallistra. As the Provisional Hunters say their final goodbyes and leave behind their families for the next year, they begin their rite of passage.

Docked at Skyport one is the Cerulean, a massive passenger skyship that easily holds two thousand people and additional cargo. For the next seven days, this will be the home of the Hunters as they travel en masse from the Montedorian City into the Vallistran Hinterlands and finally arriving at the castle itself. The Hunters arrive at the skyport, eager for the next leg in their adventure and await to board the skyship amongst the crowd. The next seven days of travel will be their last days of luxury before the difficult journey ahead.

Skyport One

Skyport One is a state of the art immigrations skyport that can process even the largest of skyships in less than six hours. Located in the East Wing of the city, Skyport One stands as one of the highest skyports. The shadow of titan-class ships often shadows many blocks underneath it as they arrive, and on 7/2, this is no different. Its clean glass and steel architecture is almost futuristic – reminding the citizens of Montedor what the future may look like.

The Cerulean

A titan class passenger skyship that can hold two thousand people, cargo and any resources needed for up to a month. The skyship itself is painted a brilliant blue reminiscent of its name. While the hull has evidence of repair in some sites, the ship itself appears fairly sturdy and hardy. Alongside the skyship are various cannons used to fend off Beasts that could potentially damage it. Although it has sustained damage in the past, the Cerulean has never stopped its service in the twenty years since its maiden voyage.

On the Cerulean, there are three storeys of rooms in which passengers stay in, while cargo and equipment is held in the armoured hull below. On the ship there are many facilities – shops, dining halls, ballrooms, pools and more.

Captain Dreyfuss has maintained his position at the helm for many decades, and ensures the safety of these Provisional Hunters every year during the travel to Vallistra.

Aboard the Cerulean

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